angoli secchi secchi



at Stadgalerie Brixen, Italy

angoli secchi secchi is an exchange project. Exchange in the sense of dialogue, exchange in the sense of translation, exchange in the meaning of local deplocation.

Gvantsa Jishkariani (1991, Rustavi) lives and works between Tbilisi and Madrid. Her work is strongly oriented to the visual culture of her homeland. Especially their aesthetics of the everyday, but also the decorative style of architecture and the monumental sculpture of the younger Soviet past. The artist translates these influences into her work by creating (often evocative) new interpretations of them which on the one hand distance them from them, but at the same time witnessing and explaining the foundation of their aesthetic and cultural influences. Manuel Resch (Bozen, 1997) and Maximilian Maria Willeit (Bozen , 1996) live in Berlin, they have been working as a duo for several years. They understand their work primarily as the translation and conversion process of information that is defined and transferred into different settings. Projection of volumes onto two-dimensional systems/objects and situations onto the surface of the canvas.

The three artists belong to the same generation and firstly intersect in the virtual space of contemporary visual culture, which they consume and process in similar ways. At the invitation of curator Elisa Barison, they get to know each other in person in a second moment: at Lottozero, a centre for textile art and design in Prato founded by Tessa and Arianna Moroder, where the three will spend a two-week residency and create new works for the exhibition in Brixen. This stay in one of the Italian capitals of textile production - and processing opens the artists another dimension of exchange and presents them new perspectives into the just mentioned visual culture.