Unlimited Supply

Spring Break Art Show, Ch64 Gallery, NYC, US

September, 2023


For CH64 Gallery participation in the Special Projects category at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2023,  gallery presents Unlimited Supply, a show comprising works by four artists from Tbilisi, Georgia. In subject matter, the presentation addresses themes of excess in power, production, pollution, and consumption while materially indulging in maximalism as multiple media and forms of fabrication are brought together in the selected works. The overall installation evokes a sense of urban life, where we find ourselves fighting for all that we are conditioned to want while surrounded by construction sites, overflowing trash cans, unfettered consumption of fossil fuels, and the resulting denigration of our environment.

For  Gvantsa Jishkariani, Mishiko Sulakauri, Sandro Pachuashvili, and Tiko Imnadze, art-making is deeply informed by auto-ethnography. Their practices are driven by the need to analyse the social, economic, and political environment around them and interpret the impact that the imbalance of power, justice, and wealth has on their lives, identities, and communities.

Honing in on the personal is Gvantsa Jishkariani’s fierce mosaic self-portrait with a string of shattered beer bottle glass and beads cascading from her head into her mouth and beyond. Eating glass and chewing on her own blood, Jishkariani puts her unapologetic and uncompromising strive for more, for a better, bigger, grander future, on display. The ever-growing challenges, contrasted with her limitless desire for success, produce a potent self-mythology that fuels the artist’s creative process. Gvantsa’s tapestry continues the tale of her struggle and pursuit of enhancement. The work spells out her disappointment with the abundance of insecurity and instability in her country as the institutional systems malfunction en mass. ...

Curated: Salome Papashvili